Innovative Sealing Solutions manufactures all of its gaskets in our manufacturing department. We use the latest technology in producing all of our manufactured parts. All of our materials are purchased through ISO certified companies. The materials are tested extensively and we can provide certs, or test reports upon request.  We manufacture gaskets with many of the latest advances in gasket materials including, “MicroPore, Hydro fused, and Syntheseal which provide the strongest, most durable gaskets on the market. 

Seals and O-rings

 Our extensive line of seals and o-rings can provide you with a reliable product for any type of application your company may desire. We distribute a wide range of o-rings with an unlimited variety of materials as well as sizes. We offer Mil Spec, non-standards, metric and custom sized o-rings as well as molded shapes. Our seals are designed specifically for each application and tested accordingly. We can provide a wide variety of seals from shaft seals, wipers, packing’s etc., in any material to suit your specific application. 

Die Cutting


Another Specialty of ISS is our In-House Die Cutting Capabilities We can die-cut a wide variety of materials and limitless shapes and sizes. All of our Die cut products are done in house in our manufacturing department. We can custom engineer a product for you or produce an existing product your company might have. Our steel rule dies are made locally to ensure timely delivery.


Sheet Stock, Cord Stock, Custom Extrusions, we can supply an endless array of products in the material of your choice. (Large Variety of Rubber, Plastics, Paper, Metal, Graphite Coated Steel, etc.)

Custom Kitting

Do you have a number of items you sell together. Let us offer you a Custom Kitted Solution. We can Taylor Make a kit specifically to meet your needs. We also offer Private Labeling. Sell the product with your companies name and logo.